Wayne County has an abundance of diverse jobs and is looking for talented people to fill positions in several different industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and education, just to name a few. Find out more about available positions in Richmond and Wayne County through the job portal located below.

If your career goals include improving your job skills, there are several programs available in Wayne County to help you. Educational and training opportunities range from certifications to advanced degrees. There are multiple ways here to upskill or pursue a new career.

If you work from home or are a remote worker and need a location away from home to work, we have economical co-working space available. Work solo or network to meet new people. You can also take advantage of a number of workshops and seminars to learn new skills to help you progress.

Are you ready to further your career opportunities in Wayne County? We’re ready for you.

Search Tips and FAQs

The Home in Wayne Job Portal scans the Internet for job opportunities in Wayne County including a company’s website and various job search websites like Indeed or Glass Door. The portal uses keywords and standard occupational classification codes to create a database of available Wayne County jobs. Without using any filters, there are usually around 2,000 job openings at any given time across all sectors.

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There are several different ways you can search for open positions in Wayne County.

Do you know what business or industry sector you want to work in?
You can refine your job search by clicking on one of the sectors listed under “Find a Job” on the Work page of the Home in Wayne website. Sectors include: agriculture; business services and finance; construction and maintenance; education and childcare; government, public safety, and utilities; healthcare and social services; hospitality and retail; logistics and distribution; manufacturing; non-profit; and office and administration.

Other Ways to Search for Job Openings

I know a company is hiring, but I don’t know the specific job title.
Search by company to see all the jobs available at that facility.

I need a job at a specific location in Wayne County.
Search by city/town for jobs available in a specific community. Be sure you know which town the company is located in.

I’m interested in positions in a specific field (i.e. nursing, accounting).
Search by job title for specific careers.

I have a certification in a specific field, and I’m interested in jobs using that certification.
Search by certification to find jobs requiring specific certifications. However, don’t limit your search to this specific field. If the job doesn’t require the certification or it wasn’t included in the job description posted it will not show up in your search. If you’re having problems getting results, broaden your search to the other categories provided.  

Refine Your Job Search Even More
In addition to the four main search categories, you can refine your job search even more by using the education or job type filters. Just as in the certification search category, these filters can be too narrow so if you’re not finding positions, remove the filters.

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Use these tips to ensure your company’s jobs will appear on the Home in Wayne Job Portal.

How do I get my open job opportunities listed on the Home in Wayne Job Portal?
If your open positions are listed online, either on your company website or another job search website, the portal will find it using key words, location, and SOC codes. As long as the job(s) are posted online, you do not need to do anything else. However, make sure job postings are not posted in a PDF format. The job portal won’t be able to scan PDF documents.

How can I make it easier for candidates to find my company’s job(s)?
The job portal uses several different search categories ranging from industry sector to location, job title, and educational credentials. Including this information in the job posting will improve the search results for the jobseeker.

I know corporate HR posted jobs on our company’s website. Why can’t I find them here?
If your company is a subsidiary of a larger corporation, it’s possible the jobs will appear under the corporate name instead of your local company name if the local company name is not in the job posting. If possible, include the local name or both the local and corporate name in your job postings.

My company is a manufacturer, but when I look under manufacturing, I don’t see all the positions we have open.
Because the job portal uses specific SOC codes, only manufacturing-specific jobs will appear in the manufacturing sector. If you have customer service, office, or sales positions open, those will appear under the applicable job categories. You can see all your open jobs by entering your company name as a search choice.